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Briefly about the project:

Project code KK.

Project title

Increasing energy efficiency for Jezuite d.o.o.

The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of energy delivered to the energy cost unit at the address Stajeva 11 in Dubrovnik, through measures to replace exterior carpentry, thermal insulation of sloping roofs and replacement of existing lighting fixtures with lamps with LED light source.

As part of the "Energy Efficiency" activity, the implementation of the following measures was implemented:

(1) replacement of exterior carpentry (Uw = 1.4 W / m2K); the newly installed exterior carpentry is wooden;

(2) sloping roof thermal insulation (MW d = 15 cm, λ = 0.035 W / mK, U = 0.21 W / m2K);

(3) replacement of existing lighting fixtures with lamps with LED light source, efficiency 80 lm / W, installation of energy saving system.

In addition to the above, the statement of energy consumption after the implementation of measures is as follows:

Total projected savings after implemented measures = 1,391.35 kWh / year.

Replacement of external joinery (10.00%) = 117.55 kWh / year.

Sloping roof thermal insulation (90.00%) = 1,057.95 kWh / year.

Total projected savings by construction measures = 1,175.50 kWh / year.

Replacement of existing lighting with new more efficient lighting = 215.85 kWh / year.

In conclusion, the implementation of the above activities and their measures resulted in energy savings delivered to the energy cost unit by 1,391.35 kWh / year, which is also a contribution to the call indicator "Energy savings in the service sector (tourism, trade)".

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